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● 12/5/2019 - Fix Bugs

● 10/5/2018 - GULLCAST For ANA Windsurfing World Cup version was released!

● 25/4/2018 - Download site for GULLCAST watching application is in preparation.

GULLCAST delivers immersive experience (3D) to audiences in real time. The audience will be able to enjoy watersports even when taking place at a faraway sea.

watching experience

GULLCAST creates reports from all watersports data, such as surfer's data, wind direction, position, and spectator data. The tournament is managed according to this data.

Use the data
  • Sail sensor
    The sail sensor can be attached to your mast. It measures your performance by sensing the angle of sail operation.
  • Board sensor
    The board sensor can be easily attached to the board, sensing its inclination and speed. Thanks to its small size, it does not hinder maneuverability.
  • Ship & buoy sensor
    Ship & buoy sensor measures wind direction and start / goal point position.
  • Drone
    By tracking wind surfers with a camera-equipped drone, it delivers immersive real-time video.
GULLCAST management system

GULLCAST supports every aspect for running watersports competitions. We provide an unprecedented tournament management system including record of competition/player data, 3D relay of race, marketing report of audience/players.

GULLCAST senses data on athletes and the environment and delivers wind surfing races as real-time 3D images. The audience can easily grasp the contents of the race and watch their favorite surfers freely.

GULLCAST apprication for spectator

GULLCAST offers wind surfing rules and surfers' books, so that even people who are watching for the first time can enjoy watersports.

By sensing surfers' data even in a remote oceanic race, we will reproduce the race in 3D. In addition, the drone will deliver immersive video footage.

The solution will provide the results of analyzing the data of athletes and tourists as a report. This marketing data helps you to smoothly manage your next event.